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“Discover How To Turn a WordPress Blog
into a Paid Members Site that Sells Itself In Less Than 15 Minutes

With This Easy-to-Use Plugin”

From the desk of: [Your Name]
2nd April 2011


Dear Internet Friend,

If you want to build a profitable
membership site
that virtually sells itself
then you need to read this letter very


Because if like me you’ve been
looking for a decent solution you will have found that
all the systems out there are either over-priced,
over-complicated or they only accept Paypal which instantly
loses a bunch of potential customers.

I spent
hours researching
the various options available and
couldn’t find anything that met my requirements and that had a

pricing and licensing policy.

Most of the
solutions cost $100 per site or $250+ if you wanted to be
able to install it on multiple sites.  Not only that but
all of them seemed to have a massive manual you had to wade
through just to grasp the basics


This is totally

Here is what a Good
Membership Solution needs to do…


  • It must be able to show parts of
    each post to non-members as a ‘teaser’ to
    really pull in paid subscribers
  • You must be able to accept both credit cards and
    and not limit your site to Paypal users
  • It should be QUICK to setup. Literally
    plug and go
  • It should fully automate the subscribing and
    upgrading process.
  • It should have an affiliate system so other
    people will promote your site for
  • It must be secure. There is no point
    having a system that people can get around and avoid paying
    you for your hard work.
  • It must be cheap. No one wants to
    blow $80, $100 or $300 to set up a membership system.
  • It should come with easy to
    follow installation instructions

    in both written and video
  • It should be able to manage
    both free and paid


A Solution that meets all
those requirements…

The simple fact is that there was nothing
that met ALL of those requirements.  So I set about
creating something that did.

Check this


Clickbank WordPress Membership Plugin

CBWP Membership System.


Installs in
.  This really is super
. The installation is in two simple steps,
a wordpress plugin and a special script to fully
automate the clickbank end of things.  If
you’ve never installed anything like this before
the first time might take you a little longer but
most of my friends and customers can install
this in under 10

Lowest cost Multi-Install
Licence ever!
Want to use this on
multiple sites?  No problem, we have
cheapest multi-install licence.

Teases people into
upgrading their membership
.  You can
protect whatever sections of a post that you like.
You can limit parts to free members, paid members,
etc.  Let visitors read some of your
information but make them subscribe to see
more.  This literally makes your membership site sell

Want to redirect to a ‘One
Time Offer’
page after a member has paid to
upgrade?  No problem!  You can
do exactly
that with CBWP Member.

CBWP Member is fully
The process of users
registering and upgrading is all done
automatically.  You can go on vacation for two
weeks and people will be able to continue
registring and upgrading to paid memberships.  This
literally is “set it and forget it”

Zero compatibility
. Works with all WordPress themes and
is compatible with other plugins that use shortcodes.

Enables you to provide
special content to RSS feeds

Widest range of payment
CBWP Members uses Clickbank as the payment
gateway giving you an automatic affiliate program and
the widest range of payment methods including credit
card, check, or paypal.

Does that sound exciting?

How Much Is This All Worth To You?

you do some research you’ll soon discover that
other membership systems will cost
$97 for a single site and
$297 for a multi-site

CBWP Member won’t cost you anywhere
near that!

You can get instant
to your copy of this exciting membership
plugin for just…

Multi-Install License!  Use on as many of your own WordPress sites as you like!


You can get CBWP Member for just
$47 and you can install it on as many of your
Wordpress blogs as you like!

That’s a fraction of the cost of
anything similar.

And you’ll
get an illustrated instruction guide plus two
tutorial videos that show and explain
every step of installation.

But wait… There’s more (for those who act


If you take action right
now I’ll also give you the following valuable bonuses
absolutely FREE…



You can’t
lose with our 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not
completely satisfied with the product, simply contact us and
we’ll refund 100%
of your money! You can even keep the bonus items with our compliments just as our way
of saying thank-you for your time!


Order Your Copy

Yes YourName!
I want instant
access to the “Clickbank Membership Plugin for WordPress” right now!
I am acting right away so please also
give me all the bonuses detailed above including the LIFETIME UPDATES.
I understand that I will get instant access to the
product (even if it’s 2am) and that my purchase is fully
protected by your no quibble 30 day money back


You’ll Get Instant Access

To your success,

[Your Name]


P.S. – If you
want to see the basics of this plugin in action then there is
a demo blog which is running this system here:

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