Designing Your Own Unique Facebook Profile

Facebook is with its more than forty million members by far the most popular online social network. Facebook has indeed become the ultimate way to find friends, share stories and blog about your day-to-day life.

If you happen to be new to this type of websites, then developing a Facebook user profile can appear overwhelming. Do not allow that to frighten you away. It is actually extremely simple to develop and alter your personal profile so it is as unique as you are.

A Facebook user profile needs a couple of things: a legitimate email address and a person has to be no less than thirteen years old.

Let us presume that you’ve got a legitimate email address and you are more than thirteen. Open up an internet browser and key in This will bring you to the Facebook site where you can make your own user profile.

On the first page of the Facebook site you will find a “Register” link. That’s where you’ll supply your own current email address, complete name, your password as well as your date of birth.

How come Facebook needs your date of birth? Simply because you have to be thirteen years old to use this social networking website.

Once you have inserted your details you’ll be sent a verification email to the email address which you have supplied. Just click on the link inside the email and you’ll be taken back to the Facebook site.

When you have your own Facebook login and have  logged in, it becomes time for you to find friends and make up an exclusive user profile for you personally.

You might want to carry out a Facebook search to find your friends. Otherwise you can inform them your details and then have them include you as a friend from their personal Facebook page. It is actually that simple.

There is one disadvantage to using Facebook, over its competitor MySpace. You won’t be capable of getting the page styles and layouts which can be found by making use of HTML or CSS.

Facebook utilizes a text structured program to personalize profiles. This might be one of the many reasons why many people make use of MySpace as their social networking website, yet a number of people make use of both Facebook and MySpace to enable them to interact with more people. You may decide to use this technique as well.

Your own Facebook user profile could be anything which you would like it to be. You can easily add pictures, share experiences along with simply finding friends which you have lost contact with over the years. Your user profile is your face to the rest of the Facebook users therefore personalize it along with a photo of you, your friends and family or your furry friend.

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