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Dear fellow Internet marketer,

Marketing Content Today is a resource where you can find the most recent tips and advice on making money online to assist you in building a very profitable online business.

If your goal is to build a lifestyle with your Internet business where you can work from home, pay your bills, spend time with your family and set your own hours, then Marketing Content Today is for you.

You can follow our blog where we regularly feed you with the latest updates on what goes on in the marketing world and you can sign up to our free newsletter where you can receive email notifications of the most recent news updates on making money online.

Another resource you find here is a regular feed of high quality Internet marketing PLR content that you can use on your own web sites.

Finding quality private label rights (PLR) content in the Internet marketing and Internet business building niches can be a challenge.

I know, because I am always looking for content I can use in my Internet business. It is easy to find information products in all kinds of small unrelated niches, but not on the topics I need to build my business.

Another problem is that the content I find is often of very poor quality. I bet you know what I am talking about.

Finally, the content you find is very often old and rehashed and targeting topics that are completely out of date. In other words: completely useless to you.


“Marketing Content Today” solves all those problems!

We provide our customers with the most recent updates on anything that can assist you with building or improving your Internet business…


…we provide you with high quality content on the most recent Internet marketing and Internet business building topics with PLR and Resell Rights which you can offer to your own customers!

You can use our content in two ways:

1. Personal use 


You get a regular free supply of Internet business building  related information that you can use and learn from to assist you with building a successful online business.

You get…

  • Free, regularly updated tips and advice on building a website right from scratch.
  • Free access to a regular supply of fresh traffic building, advertising and marketing ideas.
  • Free access to our blog with the latest website building and marketing tips.

Finally you can sign up for FREE to access the Bronze Content area where you can watch a series of fresh marketing or online business building videos every month.

2. Content you can offer to your customers 


  • If you are looking for quality content to sell to your customers you can sign up as a Silver Member to access the same videos as you get in the Bronze Content area plus you get PLR and Resell Rights to the videos. (We supply you with a complete marketing package to help you sell the videos.)
  • If you are looking for content to sell to your members from a membership site you can sign up as a Gold Member and get PLR and Master Resell Rights to the monthly videos.

Go here to read more about how you can use these monthly video packages to start your own membership site or video training site selling high quality Internet marketing training videos!

I sincerely hope that you will become a regular visitor to our site and that the content you find here will help you build on and improve your business.

I want to help you “Build a Lifestyle with Your Online Business”!


Roar Jelstad

Your Partner In Success

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