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Membership Marketing – Why Running a Membership Site Should Be a Natural extension Of Your Business

People often ask me, why is membership marketing so important? To me, it’s simple. It makes so much sense and yet, it is often a missed opportunity by so many internet marketers and online business owners.

The real question, in my opinion, should be: Why not?

At the very foundation of a membership website is the idea of loyalty. You gain loyalty by building loyalty. In other words, you will attract loyal customers, and ultimately gain revenue, by offering a loyal – or reliable – product.

Membership marketing is merely a natural extension of your business, or should be at least. It shouldn’t be hard or complicated. It should be easy to build, easy to manage and easy to succeed.

Yes, of course you are already busy managing your business. But think of how great it would be to secure customers for months, if not years at a time.

Think of how wonderfully confident you would be if you knew you did not have to worry about where your next sale will come from or how much time and money you have to spend to find your next customer. Wouldn’t that be just great?

Membership marketing is like job security. You secure your customers, therefore you secure revenue and hopefully, if you do it right, you will secure the future success of your business.

Membership marketing is so important because it can and will help your business grow in such a way that allows you to focus on providing quality products and service.


Using the Multi-Level Membership Model

Multi-level membership sites offer potential customers the opportunity to become members at a variety of levels, for example: Bronze, Silver and Gold or Basic, Advanced and Maximum. Regardless of the phrases applied, we notice this method utilized in a variety of market sectors.

For instance, credit card providers are well-known for presenting “gold” and “platinum” level memberships. A further sector which practices this approach  is the air travel industry. Not merely do they feature frequent flyer clubs, (which happens to be an excellent example of membership marketing in  itself) but they additionally often make available VIP memberships for people who choose to take their memberships a stride further.

These types of exclusive clubs feature specific privileges, and often a high asking price.

What makes customers happy to pay money for these kinds of memberships? The main reason is that we all like the feel of being an integral part of a club or a community of sorts. Besides –  everybody loves a great deal!

So how could you implement the multi-level membership model to your own online business? Consider merely featuring a three-level membership package with an increase of price reductions available for every single level. For instance:

Bronze Membership – 10% discount Silver Membership – 15% discount Gold Membership – 20% discount

It’s also possible to consider adding in extra benefits to your increased levels of membership, causing them to be more appealing for your clients. Such as:

Basic – 10% discount, Advanced – 15% discount plus FREE monthly newsletter, Maximum – 20% discount, FREE newsletter and weekly articles and reviews.

Only you are able to determine what is going to be right for you, your company and your clients. The most important factor to understand will be to continue on providing the same high quality goods and services which you always have.

Your membership website as well as your membership marketing and advertising efforts need to simply complement your already successful enterprise.

If you would like to build your own membership site, but don’t know how to get started, I’ve got the ultimate solution for you:

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